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Dallas Road

Mt. Prevost     (Duncan) 

One of the more often used sites on southern Vancouver Island, providing a lot of flying opportunities in the spring and early summer.

Unfortunately unavailable for drive-up access during the later part of the summer resulting from potential fire-hazard road closures.

The south and south east launch allow for some nice thermic and ridge soaring potential with views of Duncan and the Gulf Islands. The west launch is primarily used during stronger west days as otherwise the glide to the LZ can be a bit long.

HPAC is required to meet with landowner and North Cowichan Regional District land use agreements.
Pilots are also urged to observe the current Airspace
                                                                                                                                                 regulations that are applicable to the area. 
​                   Please consult with the "AIR SPACE TOOL" at the bottom of this page

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