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The general purpose of the society is to:

a) Preserve access to free-flight soaring sites on Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands
b) Obtain access to new free-flight soaring sites on Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands
c) Promote free-flight on Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands to the public

Specifically, the Society:

  • Is a not-for-profit society that serves its members who fly non-powered aircraft on Vancouver Island.

  • Exists to serve as a communication hub and public representative for the free flying community.

  • Seeks to improve the sites that its members use for launches and landings as well as to increase the overall number of sites available to its members.

  • Serves as an interface between the communities in which members engage in free flight and the members themselves. As such access advocacy is a strong mandate for the society.

  • Actively seeks opportunities to facilitate the growth of its members skills as this is directly related to public perception of the sport.

  • Has member dues which are applied to these simple intentions of the society and only a very small amount of those funds are used in the administration of member and volunteer activities.

  • Is not engaged in evaluation or certification of commercial pilots and operators as the national HPAC has that as its mandate.

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