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Dallas Road

The city of Victoria has issued a new permit for Dallas Road.  The new requirements are:

1) You must have a sticker on your helmet showing the current permit number

2) you must have a copy of the permit with you.  The stickers have a web address where you can download the permit PDF.

3) you must adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Bylaw officers will be watching for social distancing and for pilots with stickers.

Stickers are available to ISS Members;  Contact any of the ISS executive to get a sticker.

Resources:  Dallas Road Site Guide    Rick's Dallas Road Notes   Discussion


Dallas Road is a beautiful site for ridge flying but it is highly sensitive as we are interacting closely with the public. Located just minutes from downtown Victoria and offering fantastic walking trails along the ocean, it is a destination for many locals and tourists alike. As such, there is always a lot of foot traffic right where we launch and land requiring exceptional glider control at all times

In order to ensure good relations with other users of the site and to be in compliance with the requirements of our permit from the City of Victoria, there are additional rules that must be observed when flying this site.

Dallas Road Site Requirements

The City of Victoria requires parks users to have special use permits.   The city requires us to have a city-issued permit to fly at Dallas Road. 

There are two ways to obtain a permit:

1. By joining ISS and maintaining HPAC membership.  It is our HPAC insurance certificate that allows us to get a permit from the city. If your HPAC is not valid you are not insured.  Therefore you are not covered under the ISS Dallas Road permit.

2. Contact the City of Victoria individually and request a permit for yourself. The current cost is $131.00 with proof of $3,000,000.00 3rd party insurance

If you are flying under the ISS permit we have agreed with the city as follows:

1. You must have the current permit number on a sticker on your helmet. The sticker is proof of ISS membership. ISS members should contact any of the ISS Executive to find out how to get a sticker..
2. You must follow proper social distancing guidelines.
3. Bylaw officers will be monitoring social distancing and permit stickers.  They also require you to have a copy of the permit text with you.

If keeping this site open is something you care about, regardless of your political feelings, then please respect the regulation the city has laid out for us. Please also understand if you fly Dallas road without either the ISS permit, or your own permit, then you're jeopardizing a site we all use. For more detailed information you can refer to the ISS website:


In addition to the rules set out by the city.  The Island Soaring society has the following  recommendations.

1.     First time visitors are strongly advised to make contact
       with local pilots for site briefings.

2.     Need to be competent to fly this site.  This is a

        very tricky and sensitive site please ask for help. 

3.     Current HPAC membership ( third party liability    
        insurance) is required. Please, please, please keep your insurance up to date.

​4.     You as the pilot in command of your aircraft are solely
        responsible and accountable for the outcome of your

Commercial activity is not permitted at Dallas Road.  If you are tandem pilot or school you should contact the City of Victoria directly.

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