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Mount Prevost

One of the more often used sites on southern Vancouver Island, provides great flying opportunities throughout the year.

In order to meet the requirements of the owner of the landing field and of the District of North Cowichan all pilots must:

The access road is gated and may be locked at any time. If the requirements are met then the Island Soaring Society site director can provide a key to open the access gate.   

The key is in a lock box at 6228 Fairview Way in Duncan.  Contact any member of the executive for the lock box code.

When you plan to use the key you must send e-mail to: and

Advise them that you are a member of Island Soaring society and which day you will use the key.


Please advise on the island soaring chat what your plans are.  There is only one key and you will need to coordinate with other pilots needing the key later in the day. 

The south and south east launch offer nice thermal and ridge soaring with views of Duncan and the Gulf Islands. The west launch is primarily used during stronger west days as otherwise the glide to the LZ can be a bit long.

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