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Salt Spring Island


This is a tightly restricted airspace.  Please refer to the CYA Operating procedures before flying here.

Hang Gliding:

Island Soaring Society maintains a tenure at the summit of Bruce Peak.  The Hang Glider ramp here has been in use at this location for than 40 years.​

Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park is the only approved option for landing.

This site is in tightly restricted airspace as it is very close to Victoria International Airport.  Please contact local pilots to learn how to active this space for free-flight.


There are no legitimate paraglider launches on Salt Spring Island

Many land owners in the valley are openly opposed to paraglider pilots landing in their farms.  Vancouver Island Paragliding has arranged limited access to a single landing field.   If you have not obtained permission to launch a paraglider from Bruce peak then you are trespassing.


Launching from Mount Maxwell is prohibited as it is in a park.

Commercial activity is not permitted at the Bruce Peak tenure.  If you you are tandem pilot or school you should make your own own arrangements with the land owner.

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