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Big Vistiing Pilots


Pilots with verifiable USHPA, FAI or IPPI ratings can fill out the HPAC Temporary form and will be covered under the third party insurance. Pilots wishing to fly the local sites must have a current HPAC membership, as well as, an ISS membership. There is a temporary ISS membership available for 30 days ($20 CAD) or full year ($50 CAD). If you are planning on flying Malahat, Hill 60, Mt Brenton, the Beauforts, or Youbou you will also need the Timberwest waiver filled out and carried with you.

Vancouver Island also has some tight Airzones. To become familiar with the local airspace, please take the time to use the NEW AIRSPACE TOOL referenced on the Sites Page.

Dallas Road: 
See Dallas Road Site Rules on the Sites Page.

Island Soaring Society strongly suggests that visiting pilots purchase personal injury insurance before traveling.

All sites and landing zones are constantly changing. Contact ISS members for more information and site status.

If the weather is not cooperating, there is always lots to do around Victoria. To get you started, here is a link to the City of Victoria visitor page.

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