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May 17, 2022
In General Interest
Earlier this year, the memberships of both Island Soaring Society and West Coast Soaring Club voted in favour of a proposal for the ISS to merge into WCSC. We're still in the process of tidying up the details but it is moving forward. Rather than joining or renewing membership with ISS, please simply join WCSC. In the meantime, ISS membership was reciprocal with WCSC already.
Mar 30, 2021
In Society Business
We were a little late with the Dave Palmer Trophy for 2020 but Brian Black was a shoe-in after the huge amount of work he did last year for Island pilots. Congratulations Brian...and THANK YOU!!!
Mar 13, 2020
In Untitled category
Here is a link to a really informative clip from Andre Banderra's youtube channel about throwing your reserve. (Thanks Eugene for posting it!) What I personally take out of it is that a habit my 1st instructor taught me serves me well: After takeoff, the first 2 things I do, once clear of terrain and stable in flight, are to check my lines and canopy then touch my brake handle. Not only do I ensure that a snag hasn't affected my reserve, but I have reached for that handle so many times in flight now that in most situations, I feel that my hand would find the reserve handle reliably on the 1st try. Seconds count! Of course doing and re-doing SIV is even more important but this is such an easy one! There's a lot of great information out there. If you know of a clip that you really think is good for pilots to see, please share them here where they won't get buried in daily chatter.
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