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Covid: A Message from your President

As pilots, we assess risk on an ongoing basis. The situation with

COVID-19 affects risk to ourselves and to others around us. As the

pandemic ramps up in Canada and particularly here in BC, the health care

system and emergency services will be stretched thinner and thinner.

Panic and fear-mongering are harmful but so too is complacency. Things

are not "business as usual" and may not be for months.

If you choose to fly, consider flying more conservatively than you

otherwise might. Consider just ground-handling instead. (Who can

honestly say they do enough of it?)

At some sites, we are a very visible symbol. Friday afternoon at Dallas

Rd. looked like business as usual and when that occurred to me later, I

was a little ashamed for having been part of it.

Social distancing? It didn't look like any of us had ever heard of it!

With a sport as immersive as flying, we need to make good decisions

ahead of time: That time is now.

Stay safe. There will be life (and flying) when this is over. Thank you!

Randy Smith.

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