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HAGAR knowledge has become an essential tool for us Paraglider and Hang Glider Pilots with which we conduct cross country flights safely. It is imperative that we acknowledge and accept the existence of airspace designations and become knowledgable of its rules and meanings.
We can no longer afford to conduct xc flights in busy airspaces such as southern Vancouver Island and the lower Mainland and remain ignorant of the dynamics that  Air traffic at large creates.
Our Sport, that today remains unregulated, can NOT afford close call reports with commercial or non commercial aviation or worse.
This would obviously change how and were we continue to conduct our sport if at all.

In an effort to promote the HAGAR examination amongst our Membership we concluded that organized study groups in classroom settings will offer the best approach to increase the numbers of competent Pilots that are equipped with the necessary HAGAR knowledge within our flying community. 
Our aim is that by this late Fall / early Winter You will, as an ISS member, be able to sign up for HAGAR study sessions that are taught by a Competent Individual. 
Look for Dates and Location by clicking on the new "HAGAR"  Icon on the Menubar. ( coming soon)

If you're still a Novice rated Pilot and fly xc, consider to upgrade your knowledge base with an HAGAR certificate this winter so that next season you're equipped with the knowledge base necessary to fly in class E airspace competently and safely.

​Thank you for you time and comprehension
Reto Marti 
ISS President

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