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Dallas Road is a beautiful site for ridge flying but it is highly sensitive as we are interacting closely with the public. Located just minutes from downtown Victoria and offering fantastic walking trails along the ocean, it is a destination for many locals and tourists alike. As such, there is always a lot of foot traffic right where we launch and land requiring exceptional glider control at all times

In order to ensure good relations with other users of the site and to be in compliance with the requirements of our permit from the City of Victoria, there are additional rules that must be observed when flying this site.


Dallas Road Site Requirements

All Pilots
1.     Need to be competent to fly this site

2.     Current HPAC membership ( third party liability    
        insurance.) is required

3.     City issued permit is required. Every pilot can obtain a    
        Permit individually with proof of a 5 million dollar third     
        party liability insurance in place, for the price of  

4.     Alternatively one can sign up for ISS membership. First  
        time sign-up will cost you $25

5.     First time visitors are strongly advised to make contact
        with local Pilots for site briefings.

6.     You as the Pilot in command of your aircraft is solely
        responsible and accountable for the outcome of your



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